Tagging a name as a known word

Greetings! How are you doing? I have a simple question - How do you feel about tagging a name (For example: Washington; Steve; Mark, etc) as a known word. I’m asking it because I want to know your opinion. So what do you think?

To be honest, I don’t tend to do that.

For proper nouns, I usually hit ignore, or just create a lingq for an extra coin :wink: But I don’t mark it known unless the spelling or pronunciation is significantly different in that language, as in the names of some countries, cities, rivers etc.

I generally don’t because once you know a lot of words, this could become the main source of new known words. Hehe.

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Also, I think that it can impact on the challenge’s results.

I usually ignore them as well and I don’t tag things (though I see how its useful). However, I will create a lingq if, as harangi says, it’s different in translation than my own language, or has some other significance for me. For example, I am watching “El Hotel de Los Secretos” and the Detective’s name is Serapio after a martyred saint. I created a lingq because I want to remember the historical background on that saint.

I remember years ago Steve mentioned in a video that he thought about doing something similiar such as tagging certain names in places in history books or literature he was reading.

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