Tagalog Mini Stories


Just wanted to make a post saying that I’m working on re-recording the Tagalog Mini Stories with a filipino friend (the previous ones submitted by another volunteer were unfortunately not approved :cry:). We are carefully following the guidelines provided by LingQ, and making amendments where requested. So, I do think some progress is being made.

Therefore, for those of you excited to see Tagalog on LingQ, hopefully we will see it soon! I’m a learner of the language myself, so would love to have it on here. And…hopefully this post ages well :grimacing::crossed_fingers:


I speak Tagalog and would like to help with adding Tagalog to LingQ. Is there any additional help you need?

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Currently just working through recording the mini stories so not much assistance required at this point! However, I would think that if we do get to the point where it is added on LingQ, we will need to populate the page with native content which might be something to think about :thinking: Although, admittedly I’m still relatively new at using LingQ, so I don’t know what the process typically is for that!

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This is great news. I just started learning Tagalog and I know that having it here on LingQ would help me a ton. I think reading and listening is so crucial when learning a language.

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Should be about halfway through the recordings by Sunday! :blush:


Awesome! I was actually just about to post another comment asking about how long, more or less, it would take for Tagalog to be added assuming that the new audio recordings for the mini-stories meet the standards of LingQ. Any idea?

I’m not too sure on the time scale for LingQ’s side of things once they have the recordings to be honest. I think so far we’re fine in terms of recording quality though, as I have to get a batch of 10 approved before I get the next to record. We’ve just finished the 30th mini story recording. So far so good!


That is awesome to hear. I actually made a post a while ago about Tagalog coming to LingQ. As you probably know, there are many posts from the past, even from 10 years ago or so asking about Tagalog being added to LingQ. I just started learning Tagalog against a few days ago because I have family in the Philipines on my moms side. I am really motivated to learn. Having it on LingQ will help me a lot just as it has with Spanish and Italian.

Good morning. Is there any update on the mini-stories? Any word from the team from LingQ?


Good morning / Good afternoon. I wanted to ask about how things were going with the tagalog mini-stories and if you had any further information that would be worth knowing. I hope everything is going well! Thanks!


Hey! For some reason I am getting notifications that you have posted but they’re not appearing on this forum, but I can see them by looking at your posts. We’re currently working on Mini-Stories 30 to 40. After I submit each 10 to LingQ I have to wait for them to get checked and approved before the next batch is issued so this is where it is taking some time. Another hurdle I have to get over is to create a Tagalog grammar guide, which I have not started to tackle as of yet, however if any readers of this thread would like to assist with that please feel free. It would definitely speed things up!

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Would you be interested in writing the Tagalog Grammar Guide? This is an area I need help with, if you have the capacity to do so!

Just a further update on this for all eager Tagalog learners. We are now recording the final 10 stories. Also, I have managed to put a Tagalog Grammar Guide together. So that’s now off of the to do list. We should have this finished and submitted in the next week or so.

After that, we will just have to be patient! I know there are some people who have been requesting this from as far back as many years ago, but perhaps soon it will finally become a reality :blush:


I can work on making one. Are there certain requirements or just the helpful basics of the grammar?

Ahh it’s okay! I actually managed to put one together! :slight_smile:

Fantastic news! Hopefully, LingQ will come to the party and make this a priority. Well done :+1:

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This is awesome to hear. I hope those at LingQ realize that you guys have done some hard work to make Tagalog possible after so many years… literally haha. I do not get notifications so sometimes I come back here to check on the forum to see if there are updates. I am so happy to hear this. LingQ is so fundamental for me when it comes to language learning so by having tagalog here on LingQ it should help me a lot as well as many others.

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Appreciate the kind words! Everything has now been submitted and at this stage I believe there are no issues with the quality of the content, so it’s just down to waiting for the developers to do their thing! :slight_smile:


Guys…do I spy Tagalog in the list!! :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Let’s gooo!


Finally! I’ve been waiting for Tagalog (my wife is Filipina) for about 2 years now.

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