Tagalog: Culture shelf not visible in my Library view?

Hi LingQ Team
Not sure if an error on my part, but I have shared some lessons with ‘culture’ category for Tagalog but I cannot see a culture shelf in the library? I have checked the ‘reader settings’ and Culture is ticked there ok!
Also, these lessons have ‘video’ category but neither do they show up on the Video shelf?

Any feedback or assistance appreciated, Br FrankG

Thanks for reporting. Sounds like a bug, we will investigate the issue.

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Hi LingQ support / Zoran
Update: I can see both culture and video shelves on library view on my mobile with latest Android version, but cannot see culture shelf at all, and although I can see video shelf, none of the videos I shared are visible on web browser version (using either win11 or chrome).
Thanks, Frank

Hi Zoran
APOLOGIES … it was my bad after all … I dug into it further and it was my settings that were at fault.
On the Android I had Level Filter for Beginner1 to Intermediate, but the web version the Filter was set to just B1-B2, so it excluded the material and shelves with the level as the lessons I had shared were at Intermediate level,
Again, my apologies … thanks for your feedback response, appreciated as always.

No worries, thanks for letting me know.

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