Tag widget BEHIND the LingQ Widget

When I create a new LingQ in the lesson and I want to add Tags the Tag widget is often behind the LingQ widget. I can add Tags to 2 or 3 LingQs and than it didn’t work at all in this lesson. This is very annoying.

If I add the Tags on the vocabulary page the Tags are only showed after refreshing the page.

We have this on our list of bugs to fix, as was mentioned in the previous thread. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer! :slight_smile:

Regarding the tags not showing up on the right-hand side until you refresh the page, perhaps we can take a look at this at a later date.

Any solution? It is really annoying to refresh the page so often because it is so slow. After 5 or 6 LingQs I’ve this problem. It occurs on the lesson page and on the vocabulary page as I’ve figured out now.

Vera - We are aware of the problem. We are working on it. Thanks for the additional information.

Hi Mark, I read somewhere else that you’ve solved the problem. Unfortunately I have this problem again. I’ve refreshed my browser several times. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I open other windows during working on the lesson for example an Office document?

This problem has happened to me twice since the fix. Both were in the same lesson (and during the same session) and both were fixed with refreshes. I have been tagging a lot to catch up for lost time and it’s only happened twice, so it’s way way better than before, just not 100% fixed.

Thanks Vera and kcb. We’ll keep working on this.

Any timeline on this?

We are having trouble reproducing this but we are looking into it.

I’ve noticed it happening fairly often on the vocab page when I’m trying to remove tags and add new ones. When I try to go fast I end up clicking on and around the words and the tags a lot. Just throwing this out there, but perhaps these mis-clicks have something to do with it.

It happens to me EVERYTIME when I create 5 to 10 LingQs in one batch. I add tags to each LingQ that I create. I use FF on Windows XP if this helps you.

I have just gone through creating 15 Tags, for newly created LingQs, and experienced no problems. I am in FF on a Mac. Is anyone else having this problem.

I have not tried to replicate kcb’s problem.

@Steve: I guess FF on a Mac is not the same as on a Windows PC.

I’ve tried it again. I didn’t open any other window in between. I hover over a blue word. I don’t use the hints of other users.Instead I choose the dictionary. Then I add a hint. After that I try to add tags, save them and save the LingQ.

Now I tested it again and with the 9th LingQ the problem occured.

Yes I also created new hints from my dictionary and added Hints. We will keep looking into what may be causing this problem. I wonder if anyone else has the problem.

Yesterday I had this problem too. I had never added tags before, but I decided to give them a try. After creating two lingqs with tags I was unable to tag new lingqs anymore. I had to go to “Vocabulary” page and add tags there.

(I use Google Chrome).

We just pushed a fix for this, so it should be working properly now. Be sure to let us know if you still have problems here!

Thanks Alex! I’ve done a lot of tagging today in an attempt to test this fix and I’m satisfied that it is indeed fixed.

BTW I was pleasantly surprised to see that you guys have upped the max words to 200 on the vocab page.

Perhaps I’m pushing my luck, but I’d still like to see mass tagging capability (an option under the “More actions…” drop down). Changing my tags has been a tedious process that I hope never to have cause to do again.