Tag - editing & deletion /how?

Q. about the Tags used for Vocabulary.

How can they be (selectively) deleted? Got a whole bunch that are misspelt, duplicative, in other languages, or not relevant ~ which takes time to correct, and generates other errors. (Some tags were imported with suggested word/phrase descriptions /definitions, and others are my own).

Sorry if this is obvious /basic, but I’m a newb. ~ Thx!

There isn’t a way to delete the tag itself, in the list.
It appears that the only way to get rid of a tag in your list is to select all the words with that tag, then remove the tag from “every” word. It will then disappear.
If I am mistaken, someone please advise otherwise.
Good luck

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You can delete tags by selecting a word and removing it. At the moment it’s not possible to remove one specific tag from all words that have it at once.

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Thx, appreciate your response. Was hopping to be able to remove, cull & edit tags en mass, rather than manually. A lot of other popular apps (Anki, Evernote etc) have a separate “tags” section for this purpose.

But maybe I’ll learn something whilst cleaning up all those errant Lingq words & phrases, individually, one by one. It’s like an extra, extended review I guess.

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Thx. Do we know if this something that’s slated to be added to Lingq with the upcoming v5 update /?

As far as I know, that feature won’t be included in v5, sorry!

It would be really helpful if V.5.0 could allow users to mass delete tags. At some point it gets really cluttered and, once you have lots of tag names, you have to scroll to get to the right tag .