Tabs in lesson page don't work

The four tabs don’t work in lesson page of the following collection.

I created this collection last month and added some lessons which included Youtube video links as resources. I shared them and it worked fine audio and video and the four tabs worked fine.

However, after recent update, I found the problem for all lessons in this collection. The resource tab showed the number (2) and even if I click the tub, it doesn’t work at all. The browsers are Firefox3.6.12 and IE8 on WinXP.

This trouble happen in the lesson with video which I imported and uploaded.

Please check it and fix it. Thank you in advance.

Hi nobuo,

I’ve figured out what the problem is. It seems that it is because there is a hyphen “-” in the YouTube URL. Hopefully we should have it fixed quite soon.

In fact, it seems as if this is a more complex issue than that. We’ll be working on locating the issue and getting it fixed.

Thank you for solving the complex issue. Now I can watch the video and click all tabs in lesson page.

Hi Nobuo,

Glad to see it’s all working well. The fix was uploaded yesterday, so it should all be working well now.