System isn't letting me accept a conversation request

Hello, I have been struggling a bit with the conversations request facility. Someone asked me for 2 conversations, one I refused (but didn’t manage to add an explanation of why, viz that I’m on holiday this week). The second request I managed to suggest an alternative time, and the student has agreed to it. Now the system isn’t allowing me to accept the new conversation request. Am I failing to understand how the conversation request system works?

@skyblueteapot - alleray had also reported an issue with this in the following thread: Problem With Accepting A Conversation Request At An Alter...

Did you receive an email mentioning that this student had accepted the alternate time you suggested?

No. Should I have?

@skyblueteapot - If the alternate time has’t yet been accepted by the student then the conversation won’t be scheduled.

Was there a notification or something that confirmed the student had accepted your proposed time?