System error

All the words that I clicked the Ignore button for in the past few days have all entered my vocabulary list, inflating my LingQed word count. I have just manually deleted all of them, many of which are names of people or obscure towns and villages.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look at it and see what the problem might be.

@3Kingdoms - In case you haven’t noticed, this issue has been resolved as of a 8 days ago. Sorry for the late notice.

Thanks, Mark.

It was good for only a few days. When I resumed using the Ignore button, I started to have the same problem again – unable to LingQ, though this time around the ignored words no longer visually show up on my vocabulary list.

works fine for me. Which language, which browser? Anyone else having this problem?

French. Firefox.

Works fine for me in French and FF. What interface language, and dictionary language? Have you refreshed?

Interface language: English
Dictionary language: English

Steve, I think because you have an unlimited LingQ account, you won’t experience the same problem. I am constantly informed - each time I LingQ after using the Ignore button for a few days - that I have reached my LingQ limit though I haven’t. My vocabulary list is quite short.

I really like the idea of an Ignore button and the integrated Google translation functionality. But I think the Ignore button has been acting up. I have been using notebooks for new words, which is not too much of a problem since I do like to use a pen to write out new words. But sometimes I want to LingQ. I thought of upgrading my account later in the year when I have more time and energy to tackle audio books or longer texts.

Sorry to hear that this is acting up for you. We will put this on the list of things to look at. It cannot be a high priority given that it does not appear to affect a large number of users. Maybe for now you should consider the Ignore button as one of the perks of being a Basic member, although that was not our intention. I do not see us putting any programmer resources on this for the time being.

The problem is that, in fact, ignored words are still tracked by the system and counted as LingQs at the moment. They are just LingQs with a hidden status. We will see what can be done there but the likeliest solution will be to make the Ignore button only available to paying members since there is no way to delete Ignored LingQs. Thanks for pointing this out. We will figure out what we can do.