Syncing With Anki

Okay so I have about 0.1 experience with Computer Stuff, but I want to sync my LingQ vocabulary and Anki decks because right now my anxious mind needs the security of knowing ‘I have it all in Anki, I’m able to review it, this isn’t just going in one ear and out the other’ lol.
Anyway I would like to do as many as possible of the following to… basically I’m trying to approximate my old Anki setup without it taking up half my learning time like it used to… and I was wondering if there’s a way to do any of it (I can follow instructions for running commands and stuff, and I’ve done a minimal bit of Anki card-template-editing, I just don’t understand it intuitively).

  • Select and import only those vocabulary words with certain tags (preferably without having to manually select every 25)
  • Prevent repeat imports, so I can import new words without overlap
  • Ideally, have a card that shows the example sentence with the word blanked out and then the English translation/hint, and the Spanish word on the back. (I doubt this one’s possible since the import doesn’t seem to preserve the blank, just the example sentence in its entirety. I’d love to get the context though…)
  • Make multiple cards from one note, one going Spanish → English and one English → Spanish.
  • Word audio?? I don’t think I can add that? (Spanish TTS voice is kind of annoying anyway though haha)
  • Is there a way to link LingQ tags with Anki tags, or somehow mark a card according to its tag (so I can find all my grammar, idiom, and useful word-tagged vocab and give them separate Anki tags too)?
  • When I do just a default import of one word, the English side looks like . enGood, OK with a bullet point and that “en” smooshed into the word… I’d like to reformat it to make it just say “Good, OK”

Is there a way to do any of these?

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