Syncing Issues with Apple app

When I use the app offline I have syncing issues with my account. I noticed issue a few days ago.

Today, I tracked what I listened to during my commute, connected to internet after arriving to work and refreshed my lessons. The listen to numbers were off from the app. I adjusted the numbers on the website and went into each course I listened to to refresh and the app and my account are in sync at this time.

I use wi-fi only with my device, so once I leave house I have no connectivity until I get to work - same once I leave work. I use the app during my commute to ensure I meet my listening goal.


iPod touch 5th gen
iOS 8.2

Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

We did just release a new version yesterday - would you let us know if you’re currently using version 3.2.0 or 3.2.1?

When you mention that you tracked what you listened to, do you mean that you increased the Times Listened counter for the lesson(s), or were you listening through a playlist? If you listen through a playlist, the times of listening will be incremented by 1 each time you finish listening to a lesson, though this isn’t the case for listening through the regular lesson view.

I am using version 3.2.1. I did upgrade to new version yesterday.

I manually tracked (wrote down) each time I played lesson. I was offline using a playlist, and after I played a lesson I wrote down the number listed in the settings of the lesson by pressing the gear symbol.

When I had internet connection, I refreshed the courses and compared the number of plays from the app against the number of plays against account. The app didn’t sync with my account. I updated each lesson I played manually by incrementing number using the plus sign on web site and refreshed courses again. Didn’t update on app until I went into each course individually and performed a refresh.

Definitely could be operator error. I will attempt to play lessons from a playlist on ride home and sync when I have wi-fi.

Thanks for the additional information here! Synchronization is quite tricky, so if you can take specific notes of the actions you take on the app that would be ever so helpful in trying to figure out exactly what caused the mismatch.

In the meantime we’ll poke around a bit on our end to see if we can also find anything that is sticking out.

I will outline what I did this evening…

Checked number of plays between app and website before leaving work - they matched. Closed web site - didn’t log out, closed browser window and closed app on iPod.

I went offline with iPod - no wi-fi. I used created playlists to listen to courses. I played two courses lesson by lesson and two courses from beginning by pressing play on first lesson in playlist.

I wrote down the starting number from each lesson and checked to ensure the number incremented after each play - no issue. Once I completed listening, I wrote down my ending number of plays.

Got home and logged into my account on web site. Checked number of plays prior to performing a refresh from iPod. Numbers matched my starting numbers I had before leaving work.

Opened app on iPod and performed a refresh of courses by pulling down from top at main screen. App showed refreshing courses. I checked a few lessons in the courses I played - no update. I refreshed course again - no update on website.

I went into one of the courses I played (where all the lessons are listed) performed a refresh of the lessons. The website numbers didn’t update but app numbers did update. The app played numbers were reset to what the website has. I checked my written numbers from earlier and they matched.

From what I can see, the refresh/sync is only going one way - website to app.

Interesting - I went to update the number of plays to meet what I wrote down. I went into a course and located a lesson I listened to and pressed the plus button to increment number - the number went from 5 to 11. The number eleven is one play over what I wrote down on lesson. I went into two other courses and located played lessons and same thing happened. When I pressed the plus sign the number incremented to one play above what I wrote down (i.e., I wrote down 6 plays, hit plus number went to 7 plays). I tested with five lessons, same result.

I also logged out of website and logged back in prior to testing on additional courses. Thought maybe my account needed a refresh.

The courses I am using are imported courses.

I adjusted the number plays to match what I wrote down earlier and attempted a refresh courses from app. The number of plays didn’t update until I went into each course I played and refreshed (loading lessons). Now the app matches the website.

Update…Same issue this morning with syncing from app.

The app did sync with web site; however, the sync was one way - from web site to app. I had to update the play number by incrementing from web site then sync app, then all is right with app.

Thanks so much for the detailed report on this! This should be very helpful in figuring out exactly where this is going wrong. It sounds like it’s related to the order in which updates are being made between the app and the site when reconnecting, though I’ll pass this on to our development team who can take a closer look into the code and find out where the issue might lie.

I’ll be in touch if we need any additional information on this one!

Not sure if the my new issue is tied to above issue. My listened to numbers on the website change - go down. For instance, I was in my imported GLOSS course yesterday to update times listened to. Yesterday, the number was 24 and today the number was one.

I stopped performing syncs with the mobile app because of the syncing issues although I still use the mobile app and mentally keep track of the times listened to a lesson. I then manually update (increment the listened to number) via the website.

The above issue could possibly explain the negative number showing up in stats for “Today” section. Typically my hours of listening and words read show negative when I select Today from the drop down box.


OK, thanks for the additional information. We’ve got this one on our list for the next version and will do our best to get all these syncing issues sorted out soon!