Syncing audio track in sentence mode

Hi, I have been importing MP3 audiotracks to accompany youtube videos I import so I can use the LingQ audioplayer.

In sentence view, when I click the the speaker icon to play audio, the audio is out of sync with the text on the screen.

I can see I can go into ‘Edit Sentence’ to make the audio start later/earlier for each sentence so it syncs with the text.

Is there a way to start the WHOLE audio track a little later so it syncs with the text, rather than syncing every line of text separately.


That’s not possible at the moment. Best you can do is to use the “Copy previous end time” button to speed up the editing process.

Ok fair enough. It is not worth the time it takes to sync line by line. But at least I now know how to add an audio track so I can listen to lessons easily when I’m on my walks.

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