Synchronizing audio to text anyone else having trouble?

Hi all,

I’m studying Bulgarian and is very hard to find interesting content. I download the first Harry Potter book both the audio book and the E-book. For the last couple of days the synchronizing function has been working pretty bad. Is this just for Bulgarian or is this for other languages too? This is really limiting my experience of Lingq. Thank you

Are you referring to synchronization in the sentence mode, or synchronization between text/audio in lessons generally when they are split for long texts?

Hi Zoran, I’m talking about the sentence mode

Hi @zoran, is there any update on this? I really would like to use sentence mode with audio again. Thank you

You divided up the audio book into the same length as the Nuvizz broken up chapters and uploaded it? That’s dedication.


Yes exactly. You can understand my frustration that the text and the audio don’t line up in sentence mode. Sadly, for some languages it’s hard to find good content so this is the only way.

Can you please send a link of that imported course to support(at) Thanks!

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