Synchronized text

Hello, I would like to know why there are lessons where after entering the synchronized text option it works correctly and in other lessons it does not.

Can you provide an example lesson where it doesn’t work? Are those your imported lessons?

-This would be an example lesson that does not work:

-This would be an example lesson that does work :

Maybe I don’t know how it works. I click on “close synchronized text” and the second example starts working by itself and the first one doesn’t. Indeed the most usual thing is the case where its not working. Could it be something related to the user who created the lesson choosing a different configuration for the reader?

is there something that I can do about it?

Not much you can do on your end. User who imported lesson needs to generate audio timestamps and synchronize text/audio. If audio timestamps aren’t properly generated, that’s why it won’t work properly in the listening mode.

Now I’m trying to cancel my membership but it keeps on comenting that I have to delete 5 shared lessons, could you help me please?

I cancelled your subscription and your account will drop to the FREE level on May 2nd.

Thank you very much