Sync question/ issue?

Hi there.
I listen to my lessons a lot on my Android device. Does it automatically sync with LingQ? Today I was listening to my Italian lessons at least ~40 minutes on my Android device + for a short time using my PC. Progress snapshot tells me I have only 0.3 hours of listening today which is even less than 30 minutes and I am pretty sure this value should be higher. This issue has been chewing me for a couple of days now, there were some days when I would listen to my LingQ playlists on my Android device and using web browser and then at the end of the day there was only a slight amount of progress in listening. Are there delays of some kind or it just doesn’t work properly? Maybe the problem is on my end. I have enabled the data sync on my Android device though.


Hi! A couple things to note. Listening is not actually tracked automatically on the site, so you will currently need to adjust the listening counter manually for a lesson when you listen to it on the site.

The other is that the Android app does automatically track listening, but it tracks listening by incrementing the Times Listened counter by one each time you finish playing the lesson audio file on your device. This means that if you listen to the first half of a lesson ten times in a row, the listening counter will still be at 0.

Hopefully this helps explain it a bit more clearly! Should you still have questions or notice issues here let us know!

So if I just read my lessons and play audio while reading on the website it will not add to my listening at all?
I always listen to the full lessons on my Android device using Lingq app. I have my lessons added to playlists so this will add up to my listening count, yes?


That’s correct on the site - listening won’t be tracked automatically. It’s something we’ve toyed with and may implement at some time in the future, but for now it’s all manual on the site :slight_smile:

For the app, we’ve pushed a new version (which should be in Google Play in a few hours), and this version includes quite a few different bug fixes. There was also an issue with the listening counter not updating properly in some cases, so hopefully it should be working properly with this new version. Let us know how it goes!

Will do, thank you for all the information.