Sync issues between iOS app and Safari/Google Chrome

I’m experiencing sync issues using the iOS app.

For example, as you can see on “pic 1 - iOS app.jpg” the word “Twilio” is flagged as known word in the iOS app. But when I’m reviewing my vocabulary later in the web browser instead, the word “Twilio” appears like an unknown word again, se “pic 2 - Safari Vocabulary.jpg”. Same issue in Chrome as well.

Can you take a look into it?

New update 05/16/2020:

Thank you.
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Hi Julia. That looks like a caching issue with the browser. Can you please clear your browser’s cache and check if word’s status will update? Thanks.

Hi Zoran,

Unfortunately it didn’t help.
I’ve cleared cache everywhere and tried again in different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on my iPhone, iPad och notebook as well. I’ve even reinstalled my LingQ app and restarted my devices.
See new images from today with updated information in my original post.

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Please contact us on support(at), we will need more details to investigate this further. Thanks!