Sync audio to page

When studying a lesson but only doing a few pages at a time, how do you sync the audio with the page you are currently on?
My experience has been that the audio always goes back to the beginning each time I go to a particular page.
Also is there a way to mark the page you are working on?



There is a possibility to set timestamps when importing/editing a lesson.
But so far I have not found out what it does.
Automatic paging according to the timestamps would be a nice feature.

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Does anyone know how set timestamps for each sentence? Is that done manually or can it be done automatically?

You can only do it on lessons you’ve imported yourself. It’s available in the “Clips” portion of the Edit page under “Generate Timestamps”. It works very well but most people never enabled it when they shared the lessons.

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I’d love to have that feature, too.

Worked like a charm, thanks!

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I think that maybe I wasn’t clear about bookmarking a page, planning to come back to it later or perhaps the next day, and having the printed page and audio match instead of going back to the beginning of the audio each time one works on a lesson. I’m talking about LingQ lessons, not anything imported. It’s very frustrating to have to try to find my place in the lesson from day to day. Is it possible to sync , and if so, how?