Switching from Apple App Store monthly subscription


Having had a free account for a little while I have been getting emails that offered a substantial discount on an annual membership. I was too nervous to do that without having a proper trial, and so signed up for one month via the Apple App store (as it seems safer in terms of cancelling).

In any case, now that I have been able to really try the system out, I love it and I would like to switch from the expensive monthly Apple subscription, to the discounted annual rate that I was being offered twice a week via email.

Could you let me know the best way to facilitate that please? I was thinking about letting the monthly subscription expire and die, and then re-signing up via a link to the 12 month discount - but I’m scared that I’ll lose my progress. I’m on 3000 words already and it’s only been 3 days - so it’ll be even worse if I were to lose my progress in a few weeks’ time.


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Yes, that is the way to go. Make sure to cancel your Apple subscription first and once it ends, you can sign up to an annual plan on the web. No worries, you won’t lose any data.


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