Switch example sentences

It would be nice to have a one-click way to change a sample sentence associated with a Lingq, to a new sentence, based on a new (and better, more exemplary) occurrence of a Lingq word.

@creimann - If you click on the Examples tab when you open up a LingQ, you are able to click on any of the examples to have them replace the existing phrase.

That’s right, but: I have to type it in. The original sentence creation is automatic. Sometimes I find a better use for a Lingq word. A one-click solution to replace the sample sentence would be nifty.

If you click on any example in the Examples tab it replaces your existing phrase with 1-click.

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Ah ha! So it does, you are right. What I’d like is a one-click way to introduce the current in-text use of a Lingq (from the document I am now reading) with the one I had previously encountered. The document I’m currently reading doesn’t influence the Examples tab.

@creimann - Unfortunately, examples are only pulled from lessons in the library and not imported lessons.

Right, I see. My suggestion is for a feature that will pull a replacement example from the current document.