Swedish "Who is She" girl

The main female, not to sound like some horrible person and maybe it’s just that I have awful aural comprehension but does she have some speech impediment or is it just me? It’s so much harder to understand her than any other swedish speaker I’ve heard before. Where in Sweden does she come from?


Which lesson? I had a quick listen to #11 (randomly picked) and found nothing special about her accent (apart from that the overall “translation” leaves much to be desired and, accordingly, the dialogue is annoyingly slow, exaggerated and “textbook-pronounced”).

Both of the speakers in that lesson have a general rikssvenska.

Hey Jeff,
Ahh, interestingly I opened up part 10 and they’re speaking a lot “better” here (at least more audible to me). In parts 2 and 3 she speaks in a manner I can’t understand at all, seemingly skipping words and pronouncing them very strangely (in comparison to what I’ve heard before).

For example, when she says “Vi letar efter någon”, it sounds as if she’s saying “Vi le trefte nån” (I know that någon is colloquially nån, though), and “Ja, jag tror att han bor i den här byggnaden.” sounds like “jag tror han bor i en byggnaden”.

Things like this. It’s extremely off-putting for someone who hasn’t had an extreme aural-exposure to the language.

What do you think? Tack igen!

Vi letar efte’ nån - -r in unstressed syllables can disappear. Also, ‘någon’/‘något’ generally changes into ‘nån’/‘nåt’, and ‘några’ into ‘nåra’. -g is one of those other consonants that get weakened (compare jag->ja, idag->ida)

Ja, ja tror (‘att’ is omitted) han bor i 'ren här byggnaden - -d- between vowels can change into an r or a flap r. (Hur är det?->“hur’ä’re?”