Swedish, the easiest category 1 language?

Easiest language for a native English speaker, who doesn’t know any other languages.
What you guys think?


Freisian is mutually intelligible with Old English. After that, Norwegian.

I was interested in Afrikaans for a while but got demotivated by the lack of available resources to learn it. I would personally say Afrikaans is easier or on the same level as Swedish but due to the challenge in finding good resources outside of SA I would say its a lot more difficult than Swedish. I would also say that this goes the same for Frisian because its speaking community is so small.

If we take into account the difficulty of finding content and therefore exclude Frisian and Afrikaans, I would say it is between Dutch and Norwegian. I have had a glance at Dutch and if we anthropomorphises languages, I’d say it is as if English and German had a child.

Of course I am bias in that I have a good command of German (at least vocab-wise), something not all English speaker might have.

I have also heard a theory that one reason that Swedes are so good at English is that Swedish is so similar to English, apart from spelling. Norwegian has some funny pronunciation that you’ll have to get used to which is same as in Dutch, but I’d say that Norwegian is slightly easier than Swedish.

Take these things into consideration I would say Norwegian.

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Both Swedish and Norwegian should be fairly easy, but both languages have some funny pronunciation and are pitch accent languages, making it a bit harder to get a good accent I think.

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I dont know, I have learned some Dutch in the past and I found it to be quite difficult For me. I even have some German to help me out. However I’m finding Swedish to be quite easy. (easy compared to other languages of course) I feel like because Norwegian is spoken by such few people it would be more difficult, because it would be hard to find solid learning material, especially in the intermediate range.