Swedish Story Corrections

I’ve been working through the Swedish mini-stories again after stopping for a bit due to some mistakes in the early ones that were frustrating. Thanks to Zoran for telling me the stories changed after the ones I was having some issues with. He mentioned posting here to make corrections so I have few small ones.

Also, please allow me to compliment the narrator on the stories around 21-25 or in that area. He has an amazing voice. (Dare I say sexy? haha) Is there any way to find out who this is so I can import more lessons with this narrator?


LingQ Mini Stories Berättelse 5: The voice narration ends several sentences before the written text. Perhaps the narrator didn’t finish the course; but, maybe it’s worth checking to see if the last bits were edited out by accident with the recording.

LingQ Mini Stories Berättelse 22: The word istället is misspelled several times in the text as instället. Later in the lesson it is correct but the first few uses are incorrect.

LingQ Mini Stories Berättelse 24: There is a typo in the word klädesbutik. There is a space in the word that should be removed.

The narration and text disagree in a few places but these are easily corrected in the text. The narrator uses “jobb” not arbete. Easily changed in the first sentence. Later on the text “Jag gick till klädbutiken” should be “Jag gick till en klädbutik” in order to agree with the narration.

Hope this is the proper place and these are appropriate suggestions for correction.

Thanks Carolina, I’ll go through mentioned stories and make changes.

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