Swedish Skype conversation group looking for new members :-)

We speak every Sunday at 7 pm Swedish time (=UTC+1+DST).
Apart from that, written or spoken conversation is always possible, too, every participant is allowed to start a chat.
There are no topic restrictions.
Whatever level of Swedish you speak or understand, you are welcome.

If you have any further questions, please comment here :slight_smile:

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We are talking now :slight_smile:
Everyone is welcome!

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Hello,I am looking for partners to learn English together via Skype, if you are interested then this is my id :

This is about a group in Swedish. You are hijacking this thread.


Försätter konversationer fortforandet?

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Javisst :slight_smile:

Nice only Sundays?

That’s the fixed date, but you can start a conversation at any time…

Hello guys add me here: jhonny_boy12

let’s practice together

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