Swedish: Radio Sweden på lätt svenska (audio+text)

I found a great resource for Swedish that doesn’t seem to be listed here: Radio Sweden på lätt svenska

Short daily Swedish news in a simple language as text and also read by a professional speaker in slow speed with a clear voice. Perfect for beginners.

They have a podcast that was mentioned here a while ago but on the website you can find the segments of the podcast as individual news with text and audio.

Unfortunately the audio is not imported automatically by LingQ and when you’re adding the audio url manually you get an error message. I posted a question about that in the support board and if I find a solution I can import these news with audio publically here if anyone is interested.

Thank you for mentioning this. If anyone is interested in this (and it looks good to me!) here is the link

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Oops, just realized that I forgot the link. Sorry and thanks for adding it.

The website has a podcast that covers many news and also the separate news pieces, also with audio. I prefer the latter because it is shorter and you can pick topics you are interested in (I’m so sick and tired of Covid-19 news that I don’t want to import them in my LingQ lessons anymore…). Also the podcast doesn"t seem to have a transcript (or I didn’t find it).

If somebody needs a RSS feed of the separate news pieces:

Unfortunately the audio is in aac format and LingQ only supports mp3. So importing the news would mean downloading the aac, converting it to mp3 and uploading it manually to LingQ for every news. Too much effort and most likely not legal in my opinion. So I won’t do that, I’m sorry.

Haha yes! The amount of carona news I’m so sick and tired of hearing about it. At least in Sweden things have happened a little differently there with no lock downs, so there is something sort of interesting at least.

I’m just importing the text in and having fun listening to it. Would be nice if more Swedish stuff would pop up on my mobile app when I’m using LingQ - seems fairly limited. I don’t mind too much as can just import on to here but more varied choices automatically would be nice.

Also I’ve got over my 100 word hump for Swedish today - woo hoo! :slight_smile: