Swedish movies or series

do you know some swedish stuff in netflix or amazon prime?
I have found some swedish series in netflix but i have allready watched them.
(bonusfamilien, quicksand and a love movie but i cant remember the name haha)

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I dont know if they are available on Netflix or Amazon, but i would recommend you to watch “Sällskapsresan”. Its a comedy movie series that is a must watch for every swede. These movies are a great introduction to swedish comedy culture. They are avaible to rent on Youtube if you cant find they on Netflix.

Not sure which region you are in but if you have access to Swedish Netflix I recommend this:
Movies: Utvandrarna and Nybyggarna. Series: Bron (half Danish)

If you haven’t discovered SVT Play yet. Check it out, they also have plenty of stuff to watch.

I sort of agree with WilliamSmile as well. Not because I think they are good movies, but because you will need to see them to understand some fairly common Swedish in-jokes.

Fallet, Caliphate are some of the stuff that I found on Netflix by typing “Swedish” into the magnifying glass icon. They also have a Wallander “TV serie”.