Swedish Mini Stories

I’m pretty new to LingQ and still getting a feel for how things work. So my apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place or have misunderstood something. I did search and didn’t see this mentioned.

So I’ve started the Swedish Mini Stories found here:

Starting with Berättelse 3 and 4 I see that what is written and what the narrators are saying is often quite different. There are easily understood differences like the text leaving off a word on occasion; but, there are also some sections where the narration and the text are completely different sentences.

Is this to be expected? I guess with the official stories I expected them to be more polished and exact when it comes to this sort of thing. With user imported content, I get that there will be mistakes and things overlooked.

I’ll post some examples below; but, I stopped reading these until I figure out if this is expected, should be overlooked or should be corrected.

Thanks a ton!

Examples from Berättelse 3:

Narrator: Karin är uttråkad både hemma och på jobbet.
Text: Karin är uttråkad på jobbet och hemma.
Same idea with the meaning but completely different phrasings.

Narrator: Sen, försöker jag att gå simma.
Text: Sen, försöker jag att simma.

Narrator: Karin är uttråkad både hemma och på jobbet. Är Karin nöjd med sitt jobb? Nej, Karin är inte nöjd med sitt jobb. Hon är uttråkad både hemma och på jobbet.
Text: Karin är uttråkad på jobbet och hemma. Är Karin lycklig på jobbet? Nej, Karin är inte lycklig på jobbet. Hon är uttråkad på jobbet och hemma.

The differences are many and varied in this story and the next one, Berättelse 4. So I just stopped for now waiting for input.

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Thanks for letting us know. I’ll check who recorded and translated Swedish version of stories 1-5 (other stories were done by different person) and try to make edits in stories you mentioned asap.

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Thank you, Zoran!
I sure hope Steve and crew know what they have in you. You’re the hardest working guy around here!


Oh, I noticed that too but I thought it had been done on purpose. Though, I was not sure because it could lead to confusion.

Edit : I just clicked on Berättelse 24 and it’s written “arbete” when he says “jobb”

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Yeah but it never got fixed and the stories are only half done


Are there only 30 Swedish stories? I notice that other courses have 60.

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I had read they were finalizing them at while back, then I never heard anything else. I’m not sure what’s going on with LingQ to be honest.

Maybe @zoran has an update for us.

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I am pushing hard to get Swedish and Norwegian stories done. It’s my top priority regarding the Mini Stories project at the moment. I’ll get them done.


Not to bug but ive began my journey learning swedish and would like to know how soon do you think you will have them done?

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Swedish, Danish and Norwegian stories are work in progress and we should have them all completed within a month or so.


Tack tack!

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That would be fantastic! I will be starting Norwegian next.

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Hi, Zoran! I’ve been away from LingQ for a while, awaiting the 5.0 update and for these stories to be corrected/finished as the case may be.

Have the stories been corrected and completed by now?

@CarolinaViking At the moment we have 30 Swedish Mini Stories available. We have just launched the LingQ Librarian program which should help us get the rest of the stories, as well as other good study material in Swedish very soon.

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