Swedish dictionaries

The Swedish dictionaries LingQ uses all kind of suck. Google Translate does a quite bad job for Swedish also. The language is too exoctic I guess.

The best Swedish/English dictionary I found so far is this one, a crowd based dictionary which also lists the very important inflections and the IPA pronunciation:

Their data set is also available under a creative commons licence:

I’d love if you could integrate this in the dictionary list for Swedish! At the moment I often switch to a separate browser which is a bit annoying on an iPhone.

DeepL would be nice too. It’s not that good as a dictionary but at least much better than Google Translate. DeepL supports Swedish and Japanese for a while now but is not available for both languages in LingQ while you can use it e.g. for French.

Thanks for your suggestion! We do already have both dictionaries you mentioned available, but not for the Swedish > German combination. I added that combination too now for DeepL dictionary. However, the Folkets dictionary doesn’t support Swedish > German. Swedish > English combination is already available.

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Ah, of course, I didn’t think about separate language settings because I’m using LingQ itself in English, sorry. A good Swedish-German dictionary doesn’t seem to exist, even the ones on paper like Langenscheidt are very limited.

Thanks for adding DeepL, it already helped with a few words.

If somebody else with similar problems stumbles upon this thread: I just discovered that I can add English dictionaries as well despite having my language set to German. I always thought that changing the language in the dictionary popup would change the language of the words I add but it’s just for the dictionary itself. For Swedish I now have some German dictionaries and the English Folkets dictionary. Of course I still have to translate the English results to German by myself for this setting.

Now I understand why I have a lot of English entries in the German translation of Swedish words; some people here seem to use English dictionaries and don’t translate them. I always wondered as I don’t have that effect for Japanese, French and Spanish where the German dictionaries are quite good and where’s no need to add English ones. :slight_smile: