Has there been any progress towards getting Swahili? Has anyone come forward to do the work for it?

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Swahili still isn’t close to being launched but our content managers will soon provide information on what languages are making progress and are getting closer to being released.


When will that information be provided?

Not sure exactly, but my colleagues Sahra and North are working on preparing content for new languages and they will post on the forum when they have an announcement to make.

@sahra.lingq please answer the questions in the original post. About a month ago I talked to someone who said they would come forward and help, and I’d like to know if there’s been any progress. Thanks

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Hi adilavi, for Swahili we don’t have all the mini stories in good quality, only 20. If you know someone native who can record the rest and write a grammar guide, please let me know to provide the instructions to them. thanks

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Are you still in need of native speakers? I am regularly travelling to Tanzania and can provide a bunch of people for recording and writing a grammar guide. Let me know!

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Amazing if we can get Swahili on Lingq! It’s something I was searching for a few months ago.

As a Swahili learner I would be thrilled if we had more additions :slight_smile:

Hi, Swahili is already on LingQ. You can find it in the language bar

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Hi, thanks for your offer, we have the grammar guide for Swahili and it’s being added. Swahili library is up now with mini stories and more lessons. would be great to share more content from the sources you might be familiar with. maybe you can get some suggestions from your friends and we will add them to the library. thanks!

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Have you found it?