Swahili resources

does anyone have suggestions of where to get resources to import into lingQ once they add Swahili.


I only know this:

And this:

But they are not fit to be imported into Lingq

It should be easier to import articles in Swahili from newspapers, and other media, like the BBC:


Is there any indication when Swahili will be added?

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Not sure at the moment, we don’t have an exact date.

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LangMedia | Five College Center for World Languages I downloaded videos from this website and converted them to MP3 and then copied and pasted the accompanying text into LingQ, but because of the nature of the dialogue spontaneity, I’d recommend most of the videos for the intermediate learner.

Do you have a ballpark?

I don’t think he is rich enough for that.


It also could be about a parking :wink:

Please add Swahili! If you have a ballpark of when that might happen, please share. If it’s not in the foreseeable future, that’s also a useful answer.

In case of any confusion:

I was using the phrase “Do you have a ballpark?” referring to the addition of Swahili as a course. This phrase is commonly used to ask if someone has a general idea of when something will happen, how much something will cost, final weight of a product, etc. Basically it’s used to ask for an estimate for something that will ultimately be precise.

A variation of this phrase can also be used to give a range. In this case, a reasonable answer could be “We have a ballpark of this summer”. In other cases “I’m aiming for a ballpark of $700k” or “The final product should be in the ballpark of 12 kilos”.

Now that I think of it, I’m actually not sure if this phrase is used much outside of the US.

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I knew what you meant. I was just making a stupid dad joke.


I got in touch 2 years ago, it was around April 2020, and I got told that the plan was to get Swahili on the website by that summer. Surprised to read that now there is no plan for it? Maybe I should make a different thread to ask news, given that this is about resources…

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Check this (Storybooks Canada - Kiswahili, they come with audio) and this (https://www.africanstorybook.org/)

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