Sverige. Curling. W00t!

Det var utmärkt! Gratulerar!

(I was really rooting for the girls.)

A game of inches. Lots of pressure. The Swedish girls had it when they needed it and the Canadians did not. The Swedish team also beat the Chinese team, who beat Canada. A well deserved victory.

I am not a fan of curling, do not understand it, but was impressed to see the King of Sweden and the Prime Minister of Canada in the stands for the final game.

My wife has just started watching curling and now it is one of her favourite things to watch at the Olympics.

Curling is the number one winter sports and social activity in thousands of communities across Canada.

I wasn’t really following curling myself until these Olympics. I was, however, an avid pool player. The two games are very similar in a way. Some call the game of pool “chess on a green cloth.” I think curling is “chess on ice” (or, perhaps, “pool on ice”). A very exciting game.

Too bad my house is too small for a pool table, not to mention a curling sheet.

Hard. Hard! Ha-a-a-a-rd! Whoa!

Curling is really long but yet also really interesting. I’ve been watching it for the past several days and I’ve figured out a lot of the rules but I’m still in the dark about some things, like the point system. It’s a strategy game, it’s pretty cool.

I myself called it “pool on ice” the other day. :smiley: I’m not sure about the rules but I like watching it.