Suspending account for a while


I will not use lingq for about 2 or 3 months. I wonder if it’s possible to suspend the account during this period.



You can downgrade your account to Free during the time that you are not using the site. All of your data will remain as is, your LingQs included. You can upgrade again when you have time to begin using the site again and everything will be back as normal :slight_smile:

Knowing the fact that your private imported items will be deleted

As for now, all data will be kept as is (that includes imported items). We will issue any updates if/when this changes.

Alex, I believe that if we downgrade to Free, all Imported content will be deleted after a certain period of time, 60 or 90 days. Please check.

Steve, this is currently not the case.
However, we are looking at ways to speed up the site (by reducing the size of the database) and this is likely. But for now there is no data lost when downgrading from a paid membership to a free membership.

I sadly have to say that it is the case and I even suggested that this fact should be written somewhere to let the students aware of this fact.
I had to downgrade my account to Free early in June because it was planned that I would not be able to study for a certain period. All my items were deleted!! If I had been aware of this fact, I would have kept a basic membership because I lost personal writings that I can’t retrieve. I was said that private database are deleted automatically. This should be written to avoid such bad ‘surprise’


Apologies for that. I assure you that this is not automated – it must have been manually done to clear up some space on the database. However, we have no intention of doing that again without warning the users, and if we need to implement some sort of automated system then we will make sure that fair warning is given before any items are deleted.

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile: