[suspected bug] import leads to some sentences being omitted

If I import this article: Keskiviikko 21.4.2021 (radio) | Yle Uutiset selkosuomeksi | Yle Uutiset
then the first paragraph of the last subject (weather report) is
omitted. The concerned sentence is :
“Sää viilenee ja muuttuu sateiseksi. Huomenna maan etelä- ja keskiosassa sataa vettä, pohjoisessa sataa myös lunta.”

P.S. You should also check the dialog for entering a forum post
as the right side of the comment box seems to pass way beyond
the border of the containing box (new thread).

Also: it seems impossible to paste the text into the lesson where it should be pasted. There is more wrong than meets the eye! I remember having this same problem before and writing a bug report about it.

I am usually able to fix issues if some sentence is missing from imported articles, by changing import rules on specific sites but in this case, it doesn’t allow me to make changes, due to cookies notification/popup.
Regarding the editing lesson text, that will be improved and easier to do in the updated reader we are working on. But we’ll see if we can have it fixed in this version too. Although, for this specific imported lesson, I was able to edit it easily and add that missing sentence you mentioned.

I do have trouble entering copied text from the site. I finally succeeded, but apparantly the editor is very sensitive to how and where you want to add text. I truly hope this improved version works better in this respect. Is there a timeline?

Should be summer 2021.