One poll found that 73 percent of 1000 people surveyed preferred to watch movies at home rather than at theaters.
I’d like to know if the word “surveyed” here is a verb. Are there any words omitted between 1000 people and surveyed?
Thank you very much!

(not a native speaker) “surveyed” is past participle there. You can also write the same sentence as “… 1000 people who were surveyed preferred …”

Correct. The verb is “to survey” which means essentially to review with the purpose of obtaining measurements from. In your example, they could have said, “73 percent of 1,000 people polled…”

sample: “The surveyors surveyed 1,000 American males between the ages of 13 and 100 and, according to the results of the survey, 100% found Taiwanese women to be more beautiful than their mainland peers.”

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