Support for Thai Language

Before deciding to learn to learn Spanish in preparation for returning to the USA, I had been living in Thailand and doing what I could to learn Thai. I just wish there had been LingQ for Thai. Are there any plans to support Thai language learning? Is there anything I could do to help?

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This would be great. I think on the technical side they would have to implement a word splitter. But I’d be thrilled with even a completely contentless beta language that splits the words and is hooked up to text-to-speech. Maybe someday!

For now we have 10 Thai Mini Stories completed. Once when we have at least 30 Mini Stories or complete “Who Is She” course translated and recorded, we will look into adding Thai into Beta.

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Do you need Thai teachers to help with the Mini Stories? Because I might know some Thai teachers willing to help.

I’ve actually talked to them already. What would be a good link to send her to explain what the Thai Mini Stories are?

They can contact me on zoran(at) and I will provide them detailed instructions. Thanks!

you need that 5 hours of dialogue. Also, I’ve heard that Thai is a real b**** to learn in terms of difficulty. I know nothing about it, but I saw a video that explained that Thai has the most complicated writing system in the world… second only to Chinese characters.

I don’t know if it’s true, but given how terrible computer translators are at dealing with Korean, I imagine getting Thai would be a challenge on Lingq… but where there is a will, there’s a way.

The writing system is hard, with a number of elements, but I think with Thai it’s an obstacle that mostly hits you right at the beginning. Everything else is ok… Pimsleur Thai (just as an example) was probably the easiest one I’ve done.