Support Belarus

Dear LingQ team,

please support Belarus with a very simple action:
please change the official Red-Green dictator’s flag to the national White-Red-White one.


The national flag can be found in Wikipedia next to the dictator’s one.
Flag of Belarus - Wikipedia

I’ve been thinking of you, Sergei, as the sole Belarusian that I “know”. I hope your family and friends in Belarus are safe. It’s been interesting, to say the least, to be able to follow native Russian-language sources in near real-time rather than to rely on the limited filter of western (or eastern) news sources.
Жыве Беларусь.


When it comes to national flags we are always guided by what our members want, meaning members from the countries involved. We will change the flag. I see it has not yet been done but it will be done.

I have the utmost respect for the people of Belarus, their courage, their composure, the solidarity they are showing to each other. Their future is up to them. No foreign country should interfere. Their example is an inspiration to others in how to oppose a dictator peacefully and with overwhelming numbers.

No one has the right to hang on to power just because he or she wants to. We are all equal human beings. We should all have the right to collectively decide how we want to be governed. Leaders should respect the will of the people and fair rules governing elections etc… Жыве Беларусь


Than you all for your support!
Жыве Беларусь!

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Thank you for the speedy change!

Some new potential users report they see no Belarusian in the list of languages. By the way, the list of languages looks too short.