Super slow

When I want to open my imported ebooks, lingq is super slow for weeks now and sometimes I even have to refresh the page. Now I wanted to delete a few imported Ebook/courses and now lingq is timing out. It is for sure not my connection… it’s annoying


Agreed. The site is very slow. Thinking back to previous version replacements, I expect that their servers are running multiple versions of Lingq at the same time, and hopefully the speed will increase once the old version 4 is replaced.

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I do have problems as well deleting lessons and courses. I get the same timing out or 500 errors. Probably they are working on updating the web version too.

Deleting courses with lot of lesson is a problem at the moment. Version 5.0 should be an improvement.

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It has to be your connection. Or a space issue with your phone. Try deleting the things, that are no longer needed on your phone. I.E. any unused apps, pics, text messages etc. If that does not fix it, it has to be the location. Do you have WiFi? If you do not try to go to a public place that does have free WiFi and try LingQ. By process of elimination, you should be able to narrow it down. Best of like, my friend.

It has nothing to do with the connection or phone. Zoran has already answered it’s a current issue.

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