Super Short German Videos with CC?

Do you maybe know if is there anyone publishing very short German videos with subtitles? Around 1 minute or so.

Unfortunately, I have a hard time to focus and it might be easier to start training my listening with very short videos.


I don’t know of anything on youtube. If you haven’t looked at it DW has a “course” called Nico’s Weg. It’s a “movie” broken up into a bunch of short videos, all around a couple of minutes or so designed to highlight a lesson. I think most or all of them may actually be imported into LingQ by someone. The story starts with A1 level, then A2, and B1.

Actually, looking at this it looks like they’ve added more “movie”/video content Looks to be not related to Nico’s Weg, or may be a spin off. You might look into these too.

This looks like the playlist for Nico’s Weg on youtube (if you didn’t want to watch it from the DW site).


Thanks. I’ll definitely have a look at them. I’ve bookmarked the Youtube’s playlist for now.

Girls are really pretty in the videos. I think that’s enough incentive to improve your concentration :wink:


Really? Now I have to check it out on YouTube :slight_smile: I’ve been just listening to them in lingq.

Or it might be distracting =D

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That’s not a good thing :smiley:

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Fortunately I’ve just realized these videos are already uploaded on LingQ. Yeah! :smiley:

Hey Davide,

Try this


Hey Eric,

Thanks for the link. Those are not really short videos but the concept is quite interesting. I’ll have a better look at it.