Please explain the meaning of the phrase.

I was surprised however to find that the Super-bowl was Sunday

Тем не менее я был удивлен обнаружив что super- bowl прошел в воскресенье

I think he’s just trying to illustrate that he was so disconnected from American culture that he didn’t know when the Super Bowl was.

The reason this is a big deal is because in the US, even if you don’t like football, you know when the Super Bowl is. EVERYONE (well almost) in the US knows when the Super Bowl is because it’s advertised on TV, radio, the Internet…so the fact that he didn’t know when it was, means that he is very very distant from American culture.

Hope that helps.

I understood my problem: I just did not know what Super Bowl is.
I am not sure I can imagine what it is but I will keep in mind it’s something related to American football.
Thank you.

@Ress “I understood my problem: I just did not know what Super Bowl is.”

The Super Bowl is like the World Cup of Soccer, except it is confined to only American professional football teams. It comes as the finale of several rounds of games between various contenders, and the winning team is crowned as the best team of the year.

Similar to the Super Bowl and the playoffs that come before it are the NBA Finals for American professional basketball, the playoffs and World Series for American baseball, and the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs for Canadian and American professional hockey teams. Etc., etc.

Funny enough, I’ve watched the Super Bowl on the telly (T.V.) here in Australia a couple of times, and told the score when asked by a couple of my American friends who didn’t get to watch it. I still like Aussie Rules better:) “Go the Crows!” (except they didn’t go too well this year).