Super basic words don’t yet have definitions in the app

Edit: there was, in fact something I was missing. When I set up my account, I input my dictionary language as my target language, rather than my native language. In other words, because my dictionary was set to Chinese, I wouldn’t see any English meanings for Chinese words I was trying to learn. I’ll leave the post up as a cautionary tale :-).

I’m going through LingQ for the first time, mostly just marking down words as known, as I already have about 250 words in my Chinese vocabulary. I’ve been pretty shocked that extremely basic words like 能 don’t have definitions in the app. Is there something I’m missing? Or am I just the first person to actually use this app to learn Chinese hahaha. It’s a lot slower to go into google translate, copy the translation, paste it in the field, and go on. Doing that over and over gets kind of tiresome It’d be nice if I could just type in the meaning myself for some words I assume there’s a way to do that but I haven’t found it yet. Any and all comments are appreciated, thank you.