Suitable microphone to record podcasts


I would like to record some podcasts with Audacity to upload on LingQ, I would like to avoid that annoying background noise: what is a suitable microphone? I was thinking about one of those nec microphones…


Finalmente! Non vedo l’ora.


Tosca, possiamo discutere come migliorare la qualità dei lezioni. Ad esempio, come usare i funzioni di “normalization”, “compression”, “noise reduction”.
Ci sono i diversi tipi dei microfoni. Più caro è meglio, naturalmente. Ma ci sono i microfoni con USB o con i altri tipi di connettore a spina. Questo dipende da tua apparecchiatura.


I´m using a Studio Projects B3 large-diaphragm microphone. Mine is quite expensive (almost 200€), but it´s sounds pretty good. The microphone doesn´t create any audible noise and my voice sounds exactly like it sounds in real-life
------> Rhabarberbarbara-Rhabarberbarbara (schnell)

There are similar microphones for a lower price: Microfoni a Condensatore con Diaframma Largo – Thomann Italia

I know a guy who uses a T-bone sc.440 (the first one in the list) and it´s pretty cool. Probably one of the best sounding mics you can get for 60€

Maybe not as “studio” quality as other microphone, but the H1 Zoom has very good sound quality and is very portable. It can be used as a microphone and as a recorder. I bought one for about $100

The H1 looks pretty cool but I don´t think it´s a good solution for podcasts.

The H1 can make stereo recordings, you can use it as an audio-interface, you can plug in external microphones, you can carry it around, you can use it with a battery, you can connect it to a camcorder, you can use it with a micro SD card, it can automatically adjust its volume and a ton of other things…

However, all you need for LingQ is a microphone that can make clear, natural-sounding recordings.

Here´s a with video that was recorded with an H1 : Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Video Walkthrough: Put Your Hands Together. . . - YouTube
Here´s a video that was recorded with a t-bone SC440 : - YouTube

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