this is not a bug, but i have two suggestions that would radically change the experience, they are the kind of thing that just makes sense and the people i talked to have agreed 100%

  1. The library should remember where i last searched. If i click on filter by roses and then clicked on advanced 1 and so on, next time i click on the library those things should auto set themselves in the last position they were in. It just makes sense.

  2. When I practice the words I learn, I wish I could get 25 RANDOM words. Pick vocabulary words in alphabetical order makes things extremely boring and even confusing when words are very much alike.

I’ve been a paying member for a few months now and just assumed that these were temporary problems, but I feel i need to press this into urgency. I probably spend 2x less time on the web site just because of these 2 things.

@aharapu - Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding 1., this would be nice but is not that simple unfortunately. For every person that wants this function there will be at least another person who will be confused or not realize filters are already set. The best thing to do is to add lessons of interest to a playlist so you can then access the playlist in future. However, w recognize the need here and we will be looking to see if there is a simple way to save a set of filters so stay tuned to future updates. 2) You can sort the list of Vocabulary by any of the sorts and filters and then flashcard the list shown. If you don’t want the words alphabetically, try playing with the filters first. The filters on the Vocab page are remembered. Otherwise, the LingQs of the Day are sent to you in random order so you can study these too.