Suggestions (Search Function)

Hello, I’m new here. I was wondering if there’s a way to search learning materials by a certain aspect of grammar or maybe by certain vocab words. For instance, in my Spanish class we’re studying the imperfect subjunctive at the moment so it’d be nice to find examples of that within an article. Or, if I could find some more examples of how my vocabulary words are used… like if I looked up “darse cuenta” etc. Is there a search function for this already? And does it sound unnecessary or bothersome to other people?

Oh, and sorry if there’s already a way to do this. As I said, I’m new. =)

@ali495 - Thanks for your suggestion. The search by grammar pattern isn’t something that we have immediate plans to do, as it would require people to identify specific grammar patterns in each lesson. However, you can search for specific words by typing them in the search box in the Library. It searches the lesson text so any relevant lessons will be shown. Additionally, you may want to try the Category and Type filters that appear below “Show more filters” when in the Library. These will help you to narrow down the lessons to find the category and/or type you’re looking for.

Hi! If I want to study a new form, I sometimes use and search for common words in that form and then copy the example sentences I want to study to an imported lesson here.

@Alex - Thank you for the reply! I can understand why the grammar bits wouldn’t be on the top of your priority list, given the Lingq method. But I thought I’d ask anyways, in case I did miss something. =)

@Keke - Awesome site, that’ll help a lot with my class. Thank you so much!