Hi, I would like to suggest something.
Would it be possible to add a link “Import” to each message in forum? In my opinion, it would be a good function. I’ll give you an example.
I am reading a comment in German which I don’t understand…I have no idea what the comment is about. There are so many words I don’t know. Sure, I can leave the comment or that topic, but I am interested in the topic and about the opinions of other people. Sure, I can use online dictionary and tranlate it normaly, but I could also import the comment by clicking on the button “import” and lingq each word which I don’t understand and then to use even flashcards for remembering the words.
Jarda :slight_smile:

Something like that -

well why not just copy the comment click on import at the top and paste? I know im stating the obvious but it takes 2 seconds. Adding that button would just take out the copy and paste step and instead of taking 2 seconds it would take 1 second? =p

Next thing is that reading comments in a foreign language we are learning is great , because we read real common everyday language. It is a good method to learn a language too. And it is quite exciting to read comments of many people in a foreign language. You can try to read texts in a foreign language in early stage…why not…it is exciting…it can be an approach to learn a language too…there might be many topics…and topics that I am interesting in…and opinions of many people…so If I can import easily comments from forum to my importing stuff, it would be great.
Next thing is that it can be next function which would be great for paying members…I mean, a user who is not paying member, he or she can import only 5 texts…maybe some members would appreciate it that they would become paying members.
I mean, some people need to have many “extra” benefits in order to pay something. Offer them something special, and they will be thinking about it :slight_smile:

Keroro: I have to click on Friends, then Import, then to pick he category where I want to place it, then I have to fill in the fields - title and then text…I dont thing that it takes 2 seconds…and some users dont use import functions at all …they dont know how to import text from the internet…If there is a link in each message, everyone can see it easily and it takes really 1 second.

Lessons → Import → pick the category where I want to place to → Add New Lesson → to fill in the fields - Title, text and then to pick there Category and Type because otherwise it would not be saved, than to save the lesson

Jarda, that is a good suggestion. We are looking at how to streamline importing, or facilitate LingQing on all areas in the site and on the web. Give us a little more time.

Steve, sure, I only wanted to ask what you think about it…I mean…sometimes I think it might be good something, but it might not have to be good for other people. I am glad that you would like the function.
Just a little note: It would be similar like with conversation imports - there is always folder where is to placed to (Conversation reports), so there would be, for exmple, “Comments” (or Forum…)…so you would do really one-click and could work with your text.

That is a good suggestion Jarda and is something we are looking at. However, in the meantime, you could streamline at least the picking of type and categories by creating your own collection called Forum Posts or something and choosing a category and type for the first lesson. Thereafter, the category and type are selected automatically for subsequent lessons in that collection.

mark: yeah, sure, you are right :slight_smile:

Your current level: PREMIUM
LingQs: 3261
Imported Lessons: 204

Speaking for myself, I looooove importing texts…whatever I want from the internet or from forum in order to work with it on lingq. I can recommend the function of importing to all…it is really worth it. You will import whatever you want :slight_smile:

@Mark - Another hidden gem in the system. I had wondered if there would be an advantage to me in using the “collection” feature when importing. Now I see there is. I get very tired of choosing the type and category! (Yes, I tire easily!) So, thanks for that tip.