When you click on a word/phrase to create a lingQ, and the window on the right pops up with the proposed “hints”/definitions, the cursor automatically lands in the Google translate field in the lower left. I find this frustrating when I’m trying to quickly select a proposed hint to start with to edit, or simply to start typing into the hint field. I don’t know if I can change a setting as a user, but I would if I could. It would seem to me to be more efficient to have the cursor land in the hint field from the get go. Thanks. c

As clarification, I should have said that the effect I’m talking about happens when I choose the “pencil” to edit the hint. Instead of the cursor landing in field to edit the text, it lands in the field to change the word that is about to be LingQ’d. Since what I’m trying to do is edit the hint, it would be nice if the cursor landed there. The problem is that there is a bit of a time lag, and naturally I click inside the hint field to edit the hint, but then the cursor pops up a few seconds later in the field below, causing me to click several times to get the cursor where I want it. Seems small, but across thousands of Lingqs it becomes a bit tedious.

@CTaylor - We understand the inconvenience on this one but we are not able to do anything about it at the moment. We have tried to address this issue in the past but it is a tricky one because we would have to try and override the browser’s standard behaviour. I’m afraid we just have to live with this for now.