Suggestion: Using points to pay the "premium"-membership


Recently, I upgraded my LingQ-profile to “premium” (a good choice, by the way) but, to be honest, I´m a little bit frustrated.

I´ve created a few lessons, I´ve done some writing corrections and a 1-on-1 conversation…so I have 1500 points at my disposal. To convert my points into money, I´d have to earn 100,00 points within three months (points expire) which is not a realistic goal for me at the moment.
So now I´m paying 10 dollars a month in order to import private lessons and create LingQs and I´m trying to “get rid of my points” somehow…

If I could just pay my membership with the points I´ve earned (or bought), I could basically use the website for free, under the condition that I´m helping out.

Is there a way to implement that feature somehow?
I guess I´m not the only one in this situation, so LingQ would lose money (or maybe not?)…but maybe there is a way to find a solution that is profitable for both the user and LingQ.

Oh, great! I didn´t know :slight_smile:

Where can I find that?

@Paule89 Are you sure it is 100,000 points??

“you will need a minimum of 10,000 points ($100)” - I stand corrected^^