Suggestion: Users Redirected To Their Languages/Dashboard(/[language]/learn/[language code]/web/library) When Navigating To As Existing Users

Continuing the discussion from LingQ Homepage Redesign:

I like this idea! I’m kind of getting tired of having to click Log In every time I navigate to the LingQ webpage.

There may be more to this than I realize, but I would like to be directed to my Dashboard/ “library” rather than the LingQ landing page.


Over this:

As a work around, I bookmarked my language dashboard rather than typing in LingQ[.com] to my search bar:[language]/learn/[language code]/web/library

P.S. For the times when LingQ (the browser?) remembers that they’re still logged in. For example, currently, I click Log In and that’s when the browser takes me to my Dashboard (not the login screen as you would if your login session had expired for whatever reason).

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I didn’t even remember this was a workaround anymore, I have always bookmarked my dashboard since the beginning years ago. :rofl:


Thanks for the tip!!!

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