Suggestion to use coins as lingqs for other languages / and reward the 90 days challenge winners with free lingqs

I have been using lingq for the past 12 days to learn Dutch … and I really like the platform and find it effective … I have actually bought the life time subscription for Dutch … although it was really expensive for me as student ( I wish there was discount for students :wink: for the life time subscription ) … I wish that the life time subscription wasn’t limited to one language … anyway I searched about the coins we earn while learning a language and I found out that they are only used to repair the streak … I want to suggest to add the ability to use this coins to get free lingqs for other languages … and also give a free lingqs as reward for the people who complete the 90 days challenge successfully … I really want to use lingq to learn Spanish but I cant afford a new subscription … I hope that you consider my suggestion

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! :slight_smile: That’s not in the plans at the moment, but maybe one day.

Okay thank you for your answer … Can you at least change my subscription to (24 months premium ) instead of the lifetime dutch ? Because after trying the platform … I like it and I want to use it to learn Spanish but I cant afford to buy a new language … is it possible to change my subscription to 24months premium?

No problem at all, I took care of it for you and your account is now on Premium plan, until September 23rd, 2025.

Thanks alot :blush: … can I get an extra month after that or get a refund for the price difference​:sweat_smile: …

I’d also like to see more options on Lifetime subscriptions. Multiple languages but perhaps limited on words read per day.

Yes, no worries, you’ll get an extra Premium time for the price difference.

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