Suggestion to make review usable in languages with kanji

Since word definitions sometimes have the readings, for example:

the presence of hiragana in translations makes many reverse flashcards of little use.

Same situation happens in multiple choice. I would like to use these features but they seem redundant as they are right now.

fix idea: replace all kanji and hiragana with an asterisk or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

You know, what goes on the reverse of the card is up to you. If you are defining something written in hiragana having the kanji in the definition is helpful. If you are defining kanji, then having hiragana in the definition would still be helpful if you turned the furigana off for that particular review activity. Likely it is more helpful because the furigana could be wrong.

The hiragana and kanji are part of the lingq definition, not something generated by the transliteration feature. I have those disabled there.

Yes, but the lingq definition was picked by you from a list of user-submitted definitions. You can and should edit the definitions as you pick them to match how you want to study.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll pass this to our development team.

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