Suggestion to Lingq (Please consider)

Is anyone at lingq familiar with lang-8? It is/was a popular writing correction site for language learners, with hundreds of thousands of users. However, a few years ago they closed the site to new users and as a result has been slowly dying away. As a frequent user of lang-8, I was dismayed to find no serious competitors have emerged since the site closed.

I just tried the writing correction feature here on lingq, and to be honest I was disappointed at how primitive it was in comparison. (for example, no clear/efficient way to explain each correction sentence by sentence, no simple way to agree with parts of other users correction while adding some new ones of your own). If you haven’t seen or heard of lang-8 before, I would strongly encourage you to give it a look. You can see the journals I have posted there at the link below to get a better idea of the services they offer:

The way lingq has revolutionized language learning is nothing short of incredible. I would love to see it continue to evolve by incorporating some of the features of lang-8. You could also attract potentially thousands of new users who are looking for a new place to go as lang-8 has closed down.

Anyway, not sure how realistic this suggestion is but would really appreciate your consideration all the same.


This is really a great suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass this on to the team. Right now, our focus is on content and to help our users find content that fits them (this means we’re looking to improve the library and content within the library, UX/UI).


Technical efficiency wouldn’t add much as long as the quality of our corrections won’t improve, such as teaching natural expressions instead of just correcting grammatical mistakes.

However, I would appreciate if we could choose colors because the fluorescence fuzzy green is somewhat unclear… but even this is superfluous because I anyway copy and save received corrections in my pc file. :smile:

I think improving technical efficiency would attract more users to the service and solve this issue.

Of course, but it’s also my experience that high number of subscribers does not necessarily make a language website / group a better one.

Hey amop san, after a couple of days hard work and having explained grammar in the forum page yesterday, I realized that I had mixed up the correction page and this forum page layout! I totally agree with you and wonder why this forum discussion page is slightly better than the correction page😅

The feature I also miss is that you cannot separate per language and we need to scroll down to find the entries of certain language you want to correct/read.

Very few language sites offer integral features with study materials like on here, and when they do, like Live Mocha did, they shut down. Hopefully this is not the case with lingq!

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Yeah, there are many other issues I didn’t mention, including this one. I had a hard time finding your entry, and others by Japanese folks learning English/visa versa. I also wasn’t notified when you responded to my correction on the entry. Even if lingq doesn’t decide to make dramatic improvements, I think there are many simple adjustments they could make to the writing correction feature that would make it easier to use.

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Thank you for the improvement Admin! It’s so much more pleasant to read with the separate lines.

If you are studying Spanish or French check out the writing exercises in KWIZIQ. The program provides corrections sentence by sentence.

Does anyone know why Duolingo stopped doing crowd sourced translations?