Suggestion: Report Lesson Issue

I believe it would be invaluable and save everyone a lot of time to implement a “Report an Issue” button for lessons.

I’ve seen a number of lesson issue posts that just require a fix to the lesson(s) and making a reporting system that allows a user to report an issue with a lesson and the language librarian can see them to review would save so much time.

Especially with the community importing and sharing so much material, I’ve noticed missing key information that wasn’t added on import or duplicate lessons different people imported. Which is easy to add via the source link.

There should be an easier way to report such issues and hopefully it’s not improperly used.

(or at least I haven’t found anything like that yet)

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I agree! I also regularly find errors that I would like to report, so that we can all help make LingQ a better tool. Now, I just send my proposals for correction to, but I’m not sure if someone will take action, or has taken action.

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Hi krisnd, reporting a lesson or course functionality already exists on the web app and can be accessed from different pages.
For example, you need to go to the Library page (where shelves with content are displayed) and hover over Lesson or Course which you want to report, then hover over three dots and click on “Report”, you will see a modal with 4 options: “Offensive content”; “Audio problems - Poor quality, audio missing, not matching audio”; “Poor quality transcript”; “Other” with the possibility to type custom text if the reason is different. You need to select the relevant option, click on the “Report” button and that’s it, lesson or course will be marked and reviewed later on. Or open the Course Details Page and hover over three dots, select “Report” or scroll down to the list of lessons hover over three dots, select “Report”, etc.

Thank you for your response, that is great to know!

In that case, it would be really beneficial if we could get it added to the apps (as it seems like the most popular) but most importantly in this drop down while on the lesson. Which would allow us to report an issue when it happens without having to go to the course overview to report it.

Again, thank you for your time explaining that. I’ll definitely be using that in the meantime.

Also, I was unable to find anything about that on the LingQ Knowledge Base, it would be very valuable to have an article added for that.

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Just a small update:
we have added reporting functionality (on lesson & course level) into Android app, in order to access it, you need long tap on lesson/course while being on Library page, or tap on three dots on Search Results Page, Course Details Page and select Report option. Then Report modal appears with radio buttons & four answers: Offensive content; Audio problems - Poor quality, audio missing, not matching audio; Poor quality transcript; Other. You need to choose the right option. If last option is selected -“Other”, user is able to add custom text.
Later, similar functionality will appear on iOS app too.

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