Suggestion re: Membership options

Opening the doors to allow more free users to import lessons would expand offerings and increase memberships. In my case, I would like to prepare lessons for my children and am hesitant to start a premium membership for this purpose as it could take me weeks to set these up (due to minimal daily free time). It would be great if there were a “lesson creator” option to allow me to do this and to keep the content available for others on lingQ indefinitely.

In reviewing courses on lingq, one frequently comes across classic texts that are incomplete - 1 to 3 lessons in a course. I would suspect that is due to users with free memberships beginning imports and only being able to maintain 5 lessons.

I believe your team should consider a change to membership options or structure with the intent of expanding the lessons available. I think if you did this you would see your overall membership increase a lot. Some options:

  1. Allow unlimited public lessons and limited private lessons for free members. (Or unlimited lessons)
  2. Offer to take ownership of imported lessons for premium users that want to downgrade.
  3. Offer extensions to premium memberships if Lingq adopts an imported lesson.
    (A side option - offer a smaller pay-as-you-go option for users like myself who do not have daily free time and think they might use lingq infrequently, like 4 times/month)

You have a global “workforce” available to import lessons from gutenberg or librevox - how can this be used to expand the course offerings and, from there, premium users?

One more note about LingQ’s market - there is a set of homeschoolers who use classic literature as the source of all teaching (see I really think allowing for free (public) lesson imports will expand your paid user base. Hope you will consider!

Free users are actually limited to 5 Private lessons. They can import and share as many lessons as they want, but Private imports are limited to 5.

Thanks for the information Zoran, I (obviously) hadn’t realized!
There seems to be an issue with my account then, would you please have a look?

I saw your email too. I’ll check this further and will reply on your email when I have more details. Thanks for your patience.